With Memorial Day just around the corner, drivers all over New Jersey are pulling off the covers from their summer-friendly vehicles. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies mean our state will start to see more and more sports cars and convertibles cruising along the turnpike.

You yourself may want to get a car for the sunnier months. It's a great time to enjoy a car's full potential for fun and performance after all.

Here at Family Ford, we believe that that 2019 Mustang is one of the best cars for summer. If you're on the market for a fun sports car that can help you get more from your New Jersey Summer, the new Mustang is worth consideration.

First off, the 2019 Mustang simply look great. Its unmistakable classic styling is inspired by pony cars of the mid-20th century, while modernized features afford contemporary comforts.

Convertible Mustang models are perfect for drivers who want to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. The soft-top design means you can drop the roof in seconds.

Finally, there's performance. When the weather gets warm and dry, you may get the urge to open up your vehicle and feel its power on the road. With the new Mustang, you'll have ample power at your disposal. Every new Mustang comes with at least 300 horsepower, and many come with much more.

The 2019 Mustang is now available here at Family Ford. We invite you to come find yours so you can fully enjoy your summer driving experience.

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