While school is fully in session, that doesn't mean the back to school shopping has to stop. Here at Family Ford, we have you covered if you're finding that you're in need of an upgrade to your vehicle, whether it's for driving on campus or getting the kids to school, there's a new Ford SUV that can suit you!

The different Ford SUV options here suit the lifestyles of many different people. They're versatile for individuals and families or someone who needs the passenger room, and have different sizes to find the one that is just right for you. With the Ford EcoSport, you're getting a compact solution which is a standout for college students or younger drivers looking to get behind the wheel of a quality, fuel-efficient option that has plenty of options. Of course, you can't go wrong with any one of the Ford Escape, Edge or Explorer either. Take any drive through the area and you'll see one out on the roads. That's because they are quite popular thanks to the driving dynamics, overall quality, technology and safety onboard which allows for comfort both with you and your passengers. Rounding it out is the Ford Expedition which seats up to eight and offers a full-size SUV solution for all.

You can picture yourself rolling up in a new Ford SUV to school pretty easily, especially when you come and see them here at Family Ford. Our team would be happy to guide you through the different options, answer any questions you might have and arrange a test drive at your convenience. Contact us today and we can get started soon!

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