For decades, Ford has produced plenty of great cars, trucks, and SUVs to meet the demands of its consumers. If you, too, are interested in buying a new Ford and want to make one unique to you, then consider placing a custom order for one. Custom orders allow shoppers to design any new vehicle, from the color to the amenities added, and skip wait times on popular models. So, if you wish to learn more about placing a custom order, keep reading to learn more.

How to Place a Custom Order

Custom ordering a new Ford is a fairly simple process that can be done from home by filling out our online form. By filling out this form, Hackettstown, Hopatcong residents will have the option to choose the following:

  • The Model
  • The Trim
  • The Color
  • Additional Amenities

Once a Newton customer has finalized their customizations, our team will submit the form. We'll keep you updated on your vehicle's progress and when it's due to arrive at our dealership. Custom orders take several weeks to complete, so you'll be driving your new Ford home in no time.

Why Place a Custom Order?

Custom orders are the perfect way for our Sparta customers to design a Ford to their exact needs and skip wait times on popular models. There are plenty of Ford models in high demand. When those vehicles reach our dealership, they're gone rather quickly. By placing a customer order, shoppers can get the vehicle they want before anyone else's. Plus, when placing a custom order, there are no additional fees. You only pay for the vehicle, and the amenities added.

Learn More About Custom Ordering

Custom ordering a new vehicle is a great way to make a Ford uniquely yours. The process is quick and can be completed online. If you, too, are considering placing a custom order but require more information about the process, contact our Netcong dealership, and our team will answer any question you have.

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