Meet the All-New Mustang Mach-E
    It's another groundbreaking first for Ford and a leap into the future for the Mustang brand. The all-new 2021 Mustang Mach‑E all-electric SUV features all the benefits loved about Mustang - sporty, aggressive styling and exhilarating performance - merged with modern technology and mobility for a new generation of owners. Mustang Mach‑E is designed for customers who appreciate performance, featuring nearly instant torque response and 0‑60 mph times in the mid 5‑second range for AWD models. Mustang Mach‑E also achieves a new EV experience with true SUV spaciousness, first-for-Ford technologies and exclusive Drive Experiences. Mustang Mach‑E is a new idea for a new decade, promising zero vehicle emissions mixed with the Mustang creed - make it fast, fun and a symbol of freedom. Available Fall 2020.
Key Features
  • 15.5" center-stack touchscreen
  • Driver Impairment Monitor
  • E-Latch with push-button open
  • Phone as a Key
  • Pont Projection Lamps
  • Ford Mobile Charger (120-volt/240-volt charge cord)
  • Primary Electric Motor (rear) /secondary electric motor (front) on AWD models
  • Single Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Three (3) Drive Experience settings and One Pedal Driving
  • Waterproof Drainable Front Trunk

The Joy of Driving … an EV

There's a myth that electric vehicles are built strictly for efficiency but Mustang Mach‑E proves that this vehicle is ready to show off its Mustang performance heritage too. The all-new, all-electric 2021 Mustang Mach‑E lives up to its classic fun-to-drive roots by offering nearly instant torque, plus an all-wheel-drive option with electric motors on both axles.

Connected to the Driver

From next generation SYNC 4 to the 15.5" center-stack touchscreen, the all-electric Mustang Mach‑E SUV is a display of modern technology. The 2021 Mustang Mach‑E provides over-the-air software updates as a convenience to customers to keep their vehicle systems updated and their experience connected.

Easy to Charge

Keeping this next-gen EV charged is designed to be easy. All models include a charging cable capable of 120‑volt and 240‑volt charging - and all Mustang Mach‑E models are DC fast charge capable. Owners will have access to the largest public charging network in North America.

Style That Stands Out

"Unique" tends to be an overused term in the auto industry, but in the case of the 2021 Mustang Mach‑E, the word applies. The aggressive front fascia and fastback roofline carry echoes of Mustang heritage, but this all-new, all-electric SUV will stand apart with its appearance as well as its speed and utility. Don't forget the waterproof front trunk - which is expected to be a segment exclusive.

Connected Interior Design

A few features will grab a customer's attention when they see the all-new Mustang Mach‑E interior: the 15.5" portrait LCD touchscreen, ActiveX Seating Material, Spinless e‑Shifter and EV-specific Drive ExperiencesWhen customers take the driver's seat, they'll know it's a Mustang interior.

First Edition Package

First Edition is the AWD/Extended Range battery version of the Premium model. It includes the following:

  • ActiveX Seating Material with perforated surfaces and model-specific accent stitching
  • Aluminum door-sill scuff plates with "FIRST EDITION" lettering
  • Brushed aluminum pedal covers
  • Red-painted brake calipers

First Edition also features an exclusive color combination - Grabber Blue exterior with Grabber Blue interior contrast stitching. First Edition is also available in Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat and Carbonized Gray.

Safety and Security

Each Mustang Mach‑E vehicle will be equipped with the AdvanceTrac electronic stability control combined with electronic traction control. And every Mustang Mach‑E will be protected by the Advanced Security Pack.

Going the Distance

Mustang Mach‑E customers have four options, depending on battery and drivetrain choice, when they consider how much targeted EPA-estimated range they'll have in their EV:

Standard Range Battery

  • RWD: Over 230 miles
  • AWD: Over 210 miles

Extended Range Battery

  • RWD: 300 miles
  • AWD: Over 270 miles


  • Select: standard range high-voltage battery - over 210 miles (AWD) or over 230 miles (RWD) on a full charge
  • California Route 1: extended range high-voltage battery - over 300 miles (RWD) on a full charge
  • Premium: standard range or extended range high-voltage battery - over 210 miles (AWD) or 230 miles (RWD) with standard range; or over 270 miles (AWD) or 300 miles (RWD) with extended range on a full charge

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